Linkedin Marketing | How Linkedin Changed My Heart

When I first started working in Social Media Marketing nearly three years ago now, I wondered whether I should use linkedin for marketing…

I found marketing on linkedin really difficult…

Marketing with linkedin didn’t come easy to me and I found other social media platforms easier to use. I loved the “family feel” of Facebook. I found Twitter easy and the passionate interaction of Google + was a joy…

For a former church leader, I found Youtube quite daunting as I didn’t find it easy to look into a camera and just talk. I wanted to overdo everything and my first video on Youtube took me nearly a day to get right as I scripted it all. I sounded like I was reading. I was reading!!

Linkedin as a marketing tool has grown on me though. The professional quality and depth of linkedin’s members are astounding!

If your customers/clients are business-people, you just NEED to be on LinkedIn…

Have a look at the following linkedin marketing tips:

5 LinkedIn Marketing Tips to Grow Your Business | Social Media


LinkedIn: Understand a few simple strategies that can help you become a smarter and more effective marketer on LinkedIn and really boost your results over time.
LinkedIn Marketing: 5 Steps to Growing Your Business on LinkedIn

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How to use LinkedIn to kick ass




5 Ways To Use LinkedIn for Business

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